1st Congregational Church, UCC







Worship 10:30 AM every Sunday    Christian Education 9:15 -10:05 AM  Sunday

 Choir Rehearsal Wednesday 6 PM (during school year)

First Monday of month - prayer meeting 6:00 PM

5th Sunday of month pot luck after worship.

Council 3rd Monday 7 PM.  


Tim LeMaster won the 2015 raffle quilt.  Congrats!


December News


Pondering Pastor

God is coming!  God is here!  God is alive!  God is real!  We have gods that interfere with our relationship with God.  Tis the season for those gods to kick up and demand attention.  The gods of this world pull us to materialism, excess, idol chatter, chaos.  The demons of this life haunt us—self-worth,  tradition, nightmares, food, drink, ……  

Take a moment right now to pause, to bask in the love of God.  Let God make you new and free you to just live in the wonder of new and renewed life.  God will remind you of new and renewed dreams.  God will fill you with peace that passes human understanding.  God will fill you with the presence of the Holy Spirit that nothing in this life or the life to come can pull you from the love of God made know to us through Jesus of Nazareth our crucified and risen Lord.

In this season we are called to utilize darkness to explore our hearts and souls.  This is the time to anticipate what is yet to come.  Now is the time to take a hard look at who we are and who we want to be.  Now is the time to begin to bridge any gaps in who we are and who we long to be.  

With Mary and Joseph we can now wonder what is coming?  What is God thinking?  How will our lives be changed by God alive with us?  With Mary and Joseph we can say yes and let God take control.   Anything is possible!  

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Adult Christian Education

WE now gather at 9:15 Sunday mornings discussing how their lives and spirituality come together.  We get to know each other and ourselves in very wonderful ways. If you are out of high school and still alive you are the right age to be part of our group!

Advent Bible Study is for everyone.  December 6, 9, and 16 we will gather at 7 PM to discuss the unusual, strange and misunderstood.  Join us.

Prayer is part of our identity.  Let’s keep praying together both when we are gathered and when we are scattered.  First Monday of month we pray together at 6 PM.  

Making Healthy Choices has been great so far.  We have learned about general health and diet and several of our attenders chose to take a more in-depth series of classes; we have discussed  financial choices;  we have discussed prayer; Non-violent self defense is always good to know; respiratory health was very interesting; walking the labyrinth was great, and we have requests for more.  Watch for dates.  November 29 6-8  is interpersonal communication.  


Council and RevLinda have chosen for the congregation to do Heifer Project this year for Christmas.  If we combine our funds we can do great things $300. to install water pump and training in two-thirds world village.  With smaller or greater funds there are many things we can do.  Read the  worship handouts, fill your collection boxes and help make a difference.    We will collect boxes Christmas Eve and pray for their mission.  


RENOVATION FUND   Leon created special offering envelopes for designated gifts.   There are still quilt squares available. ($250.)    Action is being taking and planning is being done.    

Outreach and Vitality Committee   Doug, Tony, Jill, Beverly, Jodlynn are concerned about how to make our church more visible and welcoming.  If you did not order and prepay for a t-shirt you can still get one at church for $15.   Wear your shirts in public!  

Sew n Sews

"We will be offering the Quilt Squares until they are all sold!"  ($250) So hurry they are going fast!!!!    Are we being pushy? Just a bit! But this is Seed Money for the Restoration Project! Please see, Claire, Donna, Mary Ann or Myself, after church service, any Sunday!!!!!!  

Remember, If you want a prayer quilt, you must request it.  

Faithfully Yours in Christ -Janet Dee,  Deacon 

PRAYER:  We as a church are people of prayer.  WE have a team of prayer warriors.  When a prayer concern arises we send out email and post on Facebook.  If you do not have these media and would like updates please call Claire and get your name on her list of folks to call.  

We would love for everyone to join us the first Monday of the month for a time of prayer.  Understanding how hard that can be we ask that if you want or need specific prayers , submit them to RevLinda prior to that gathering.   Prayer team: RevLinda, Beverly, Jodylynn, Jill.  Additional Warriors include: Steve, Leslie, Claire, Joe, Teenie.  


Youth Sunday School

Linda and Teenie have great fun and joyous learning with music, crafts and lessons each Sunday.  Join their mighty bands of participants.  

From now until the Christmas Program [on December 12 6 PM] the youth will be rehearsing during the worship hour.  All young folks are wanted and needed for this project.  


Linda and Dale want you to know that the choir expects you—you know who you are– should we name names? Rosella, Sharon, Lois, Rick, Peyton, Macie, Hannah, Jill, Leslie, Phil, Roger, Rick, Leon, Beverly, we can go on.  We have heard you sing and we would love to harmonize with you.  

Youth Group

Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know that our next youth group activity is Sunday December 13 after worship..  We will shop and wrap and deliver gifts.   I know this is always a favorite activity so I look forward to seeing all of you!   Sincerely, Heidi Ball





Getting to know Joann (Coleman) Hodges

You likely know Joann Hodges as the petite, quiet woman who faithfully joins us each Sunday for worship, but did you know that Joann has been attending the 1st Congregational UCC since she was baptized here as an infant, 93 years ago?  She was born on February 14, 1922 and grew up on a farm off Industrial Parkway just a mile outside of the Marysville City limits.  Her father and older brother, Ben, milked the family cows daily … and according to Joann there were a lot of them!  Her family also enjoyed the bounty of a big garden of fresh vegetables on their farm, which likely played a role in Joann’s love of cooking!  As she shared the story of her youth, she marveled that in 1928 her family was one of the first in the area to replace the candles that lit their home with electric lighting.  

To hear Joann tell it, she’s always been quiet.  In fact, she describes herself as a backward high school teen… nothing like her outgoing younger sister, Betty.   She said her father was eager to have her continue her education after high school, so she and her best friend, Ethel Yarington, enrolled in Business School in Columbus.  It was there that Joann honed her book keeping, typing, and shorthand skills that lead to a 30-year career in the Auditor’s office at the Union County Courthouse.  

Joann’s face lit up when she spoke of her late husband, Charlie, explaining that “he was liked by everyone”.  She chuckled as she joked that the secret to their long, argument free marriage was “giving in”.  With sincere pride she explained that Charlie, who was originally from New Dover, served 3 years in the Navy before his 40-year career at Nestle.   And with a smile on her face she shared fond memories of romantic date nights watching movies at the Marysville Theater and dancing with Charlie at the Armory.  

There is so much more to learn about Joann, so I encourage you to share a conversation with her after worship or visit her at the Gables.   There is no doubt you’ll be blessed by this wonderful woman!

Written by:  Leslie Smith



1 World AIDS day

6 Wreath family will be Gibson, Williams

2 Advent Bible Study 7 PM—creation

7 Prayer Meeting 6 led by Leslie

9 Advent Bible Study 7 PM

12 Children’s Christmas Program and Party 6 PM

13 Wreath family will be Renz, Hill, Chandler

    Youth Group after worship

16 Advent Bible Study 7 PM

20 Wreath family will be Glass family

24 Christmas Eve service 7 PM.  Henderson family will light advent wreath.  Peyton, Macie, Dale, Megan, Choir, Roger, Linda S, Darcie, Tim, Jillm Phil, Matthew, Larissa  and who knows will be providing music.  Jon, Meggie, Rowan and Tony will do a skit.  There are readers still needed.