1st Congregational Church, UCC

  • Tough Stuff

    Humanity calls out to us. We are asked to help with all our resources. My human side says we have too many hungry, homeless, unemployed and lacking medical care folks here already. And God calls out saying in your poverty you are rich compared to the least of these - you can and you must share. I say, I don't want to. God says - often through Beverly - so who do you preach to and are those words not true????!!

    God came in the person of Jesus - did the expected thing of growing up in an extended family and helping to financially support his mother and siblings. A time came when he knew he had to follow is purpose - he had to challenge his comfort level - he had to become unemployed, homeless, uninsured, and insecure to find his ultimate calling. He had to deal with oppressed, dirty, ignorant people, with the sick and the lost and the confused.... And he stood his ground in defending their rights - no matter their race or gender, social status or nationality. He stood his ground even to dealth at the hands of the establishment. And he won - it did not look like we think victory should, yet he won.

    His victory informs me, challenges me, empowers me. I too must stand with the oppressed, frightened, ill and alone. I too must see our Creator God alive in each hungry, dirty, desperate face.

    Join me in the struggle.


First Congregational United Church of Christ, Marysville, Ohio

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